Artwork Guidelines & Upload

File format

We always recommend high quality print PDF files from both PC and Mac software. We recommend exporting files at the "High Quality Printing" setting.

Before exporting your file as a PDF, convert all text to outlines and embed all images. Include a screen shot or .jpg proof for content verification.  

If you are not able to generate a "High Quality Print" PDF, we accept the following software generated file formats.  

  • Photoshop .PSD Include all layers, paths, channels, links and fonts.
  • Illustrator .AI Convert text to outlines, include all linked images (do not embed images).  
  • InDesign and QuarkXpress files are not recommended for large format printing.



Artwork templates in PDF format for all graphics sizes can be download throughout our website on the individual product pages. For further assistance with artwork templates, please contact us



The best results are achieved when the resolution of the images are 125 DPI at final print size (full size). Images submitted at higher than 125 DPI will create larger file sizes without any visible gain in print quality.



All colours must be defined in CMYK. If converted from RGB to CMYK significant colour changes can occur, please proof your colours prior to submission. Pantone Spot Colours may be requested, but exact colour matches are not always possible.

Reference printouts will be considered for layout only, not as actual colour reference. If a colour layout can not be sent, include a .jpg, .pdf (screen optimized) or screen shot file. Clearly mark filename as"proof". For black use (Process Black).  


File transfers

All files sent by WeTransfer should be compressed (.sit, .rar, or .zip).


Turnaround time

Please contact for an estimate on when you will receive your order once your artwork has been approved. 


Upload artwork

Before uploading artwork, please refer to the Artwork Guidelines section above to ensure your submission can be approved for print. Failure to adhere to the necessary quality or formats required will result in a delay of printing and/or production. 

All files sent by WeTransfer should be compressed (.sit, .rar, or .zip).

Add your order # in the message field and we will be in touch with you to confirm reception as soon as possible. 


Printing Production 

Graphics will not be printed until the proof is approved by the customer in writing, prior to going into production. Failure to approve a final proof, or waiving the right to approve a final proof, will result in the customer assuming full responsibility for the final printed product. Graphics will go to production based on the final approved proof.


Printing Warranty

KREATORSHOP.CA recommends that once customer receives the product to inspect graphics to ensure that they are printed with the proper artwork and to submit a claim to if there are any errors with the graphic. If a product is deemed to have a graphic error, it may in no way be used by the customer. Usage of claimed product will void KREATORSHOP.CA responsibility to evaluate or reprint the product.