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Blade Lite is an attractive, sleek stand in anodized silver with chrome endcaps and a streamlined base design.

Features + Benefits

  • Available in eight widths

  • Variable height: 400mm = standard 4 bungee pole height: 69.38” 600mm: 69”- 83.25” All other units: 60” - 83.25”

  • Chrome end caps

  • Weighted base for stability features and benefi ts:

  • Comes complete with base, toolless quick rail, hybrid bungee/ telescoping pole (except for 400mm) and carry bag

  • Adjustable leveling feet

  • Protective foam padding in bag

  • Lifetime limited hardware warranty against manufacturer defects

Dimensions (Assembled Unit)

  • 400mm: 1.5x6ft: 17.75”w x 72.125”h x 8.6”d 451mm(w) x 1831mm(h)x 219mm(d)

  • 600mm: 2x7ft: 25.5”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 648mm(w) x 2184mm(h)x 219mm(d)

  • 800mm: 33" : 33.46”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 850mm(w) x 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

  • 850mm: 3x7ft: 35.43”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 890mm(w) 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

  • 920mm: 3x7ft: 38”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 965mm(w) x 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

  • 1000mm: 3.5x7ft: 41.34”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 1050mm(w) x 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

  • 1200mm: 4x7ft: 49”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 1245mm(w) x 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

  • 1500mm: 5x7ft : 61”w x 86”h x 8.6”d 1549mm(w) x 2184mm(h) x 219mm(d)

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