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The poster snapper is a low cost, high grip aluminum snap rail system with a clean, simple, elegant look. The adjustable hanging clips slide along the top rail to match desired spacing. The clips feature both top opening for clear nylon line mount, and recessed pocket for S-hook suspension. The rails snap open and shut for quick graphic changes.

Features + Benefits

  • Snap rail for quick graphic change and easy set up

  • Packs up small for easy store and ship

  • Four standard widths available

  • Variable height

  • Hang with s-hook or nylon line (not included)


Assembled unit:

  • 24”: 24”w x .5” d 610mm(w) x 10mm(d)

  • 30”: 30”w x .5”d 762mm(w) x 10mm(d)

  • 36”: 36”w x .5”d 914mm(w) x 10mm(d)

  • 48”: 48”w x .5”d 1219mm(w) x 10mm(d)

Visible Dimensions:

  • 24”: 24”w 610mm(w)

  • 30”: 30”w 762mm(w)

  • 36”: 36”w 914mm(w)

  • 48”: 48”w 1219mm(w)


Setup Instructions