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Wind Dancer LT telescopic outdoor flagpole is a great option for outdoor and indoor banner display. It offers an adjustable display height of up to 13’6” and comes with a hollow base allowing the option of adding either water or sand as a weighting agent. The constructed unit is easy to position, erect and remove.

Features + Benefits

  • Quick to assemble and easy to use

  • Adjustable height up to 13’6”

  • Hardware adjustable for various graphic heights

  • Hollow base can be filled with either water or sand

  • Optional carry bag available


  • Assembled unit: 36”w x 9’8”h up to 13’6”h x 25.5”d 914mm(w) x 2946mm(h) - 4115mm(h) x 648mm(d)

  • Base weight (when filled with water): Approx. 110 lbs / 50 kg. Base fillable with 11.5 gallons of water.

Graphic Templates